It is well known that adopting an anti-inflammatory diet can reduce cancer growth, boost treatment effectiveness and diminish side effects. Refined flours and sugars and processed food promotes inflammation. Patients who are well fed during treatment enhance their quality of life and improve their chances for recovery. Eating a variety of colorful, delicious, and savory dishes will not only help effectively battle cancer, it will inspire you to improve the quality of your life. Chef Laura teaches and cooks nourishing meals that promotes the healing of your body.

It has been long known that as many as 80 percent of cancer patients were malnourished, and in some cases leaving them too weak to withstand ongoing treatment. By keeping them nourished with healthy foods, the patient stood a much better chance of making the transition from patient to survivor.

Although so many doctors are focused primarily on surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, etc. there is significant research showing that nutrition is a significant factor in the development of cancer. So there should definitely be a sharpened focus on nutrition as part of the treatment and the prevention of the recurrence of cancer.


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