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Multiple sclerosis is a disease that involves inflammation, so it seems logical to pursue treatments that reduce it. In multiple sclerosis, the myelin sheath, which is the fatty protective covering on the nerves, becomes inflamed. Over time, the inflamed nerves lose most or all of their myelin and inflammatory lesions develop. The result is that the once healthy nerves are now damaged and electrical signals are not able to travel as well as they did before.

The authors of a new study published in ASN Neuro discuss the advantages of an anti-inflammatory diet for multiple sclerosis and why it can be so helpful. Researchers explain that “what increases inflammation are hypercaloric Western-style diets, characterized by high salt, animal fat, red meat, sugar-sweetened drinks, fried food, low fiber, and lack of physical exercise.”

However, if you eat fewer or a limited amount of pro-inflammatory foods and more and more anti-inflammatory foods (which help the body produce anti-inflammatory prostaglandins), you can help your body help itself and get symptom relief. An anti-inflammatory diet for multiple sclerosis should do two things: avoid foods that trigger inflammation and include lots of foods that have an anti-inflammatory effect.


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